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Jill A.

Santa Monica

Posted via Yelp



I have been a patient of Dr. Ines for nearly 2 decades and he is the best of the best!  He has a wonderful staff who are gentle and friendly.

He is honest about what needs to be done and does not try to up sell.


When my children were small, I tried switching to a dentist closer to home to save time, but had 2 terrible experiences, so I decided years ago that it is worth the time and effort to make the trip to Beverly Hills from the SouthBay.


My husband finally switched a few years ago and he is equally happy and impressed with the experience and dental care he receives.


All around Excellent Dental Office!

Samira A.

Beverly Hills

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I visited Dr Ines today as my first visit and had an extremely pleasant experience!

The office is spanking clean, Teresa the secretary was an absolute doll and Dr. Ines was amazing.


They started with exrays, listened to all of my concerns, and Dr Ines explained with patience and detail everything on the exrays.


I highly recommend Dr. Ines as he moves forward with the least invasive intervention in treating his patients.


Super professional!!!

Stephanie H.

Los Angeles

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Up until my late twenties, I had the same dentist, in Connecticut. Finding one out here has been a little rough.

Finally, I was referred to Dr. Ines, it was meant to be.

The staff is wonderful, from Theresa who picks up the phone, Claudia his assistant, and the hygienist Sara, all amazing & accommodating.

I have found my new dental home.....

Brittany F.

Los Angeles

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Dr Ines is a fabulous dentist! He is patient, gentle and cares about his clients. 

I've been seeing him for over three years and have always had good experiences. I've had multiple teeth cleanings and I had him make retainers. 

The location in Beverly Hills is very convenient but I recommend you park in one of the 2-hour free lots as the lot closest to the building is very expensive. 

I've always found visiting this office pleasant, especially considering going to the dentist is not always at the top of my list!

Tiffany W.

Beverly Hills

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Dr. Ines is amazing. I have been to a few dentists throughout my 8 years in LA and have found all of them to be over priced and with car salesmen tactics.

Dr. Ines is so friendly and kind and never tries to push anything on you. He really does care about your well being. 

I went to 5 different dentists throughout my 20s to get invisalign (cosmetic dentists and orthodontists as well) and they all had told me that I could NOT do invisalign due to my bite. They all said I either needed jaw surgery or that I needed braces. At the age of 30 that was not an option for me. I really wanted invisalign or nothing.

Dr. Ines took his time and evaluated my bite for weeks -  and even had a specialist take a look at it as well - before I spent any money on invisalign. Once he found out that invisalign would work for me to correct my bite -he let me get them. 20 trays and 1 year later, my bite is straight and perfect!

In addition - 6 months ago - I had a crown fall out (that a previous dentist had done only 2 years prior) and he helped me right away and referred me to Dr. Spriggs in his building who gave me a root canal. Right then and there. Now that's service!

Next - I plan on going to Dr. Ines for veneers. I have an appointment in 2 weeks and cannot wait to get them done. It is a long time dream of mine. After looking at his before and afters - I am confident that he will do an amazing job. I refer EVERYONE to him. 

Do yourself a favor and book with this dentist! He is great!

Tara G.

Los Angeles

Posted via Yelp




Dr. Ines is as good as it gets!! and not only is he great, but he also referred me to two other dentists for special procedures and they were fantastic too!


He makes you feel like he has all the time in the world for you, answers questions, and always makes sure you are doing okay during the procedure.

I had to have a crown put on after a root canal and they use state of the art technology to create 3D pictures to make sure your tooth fits exactly in line with your other teeth... I've never seen anything like it and you would never, ever be able to tell I got a crown!

Lori, the front office manager, and all of the dental assistants and rest of the staff really are the VERY best... I would give 10 stars if I could! Never did I think I would be so excited about a dentist... haha.

Matt H.

Los Angeles

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You really cannot beat Dr. Ines, Laurie, hygienist Lily or any of the staff at Dr. Ines. The friendliest, most comforting dental office I've ever experienced.


I had not been to the dentist in a good 6-7 years, and, being British, I had an innate fear of anyone going near my mouth (with surgical instruments anyway). Dr. Ines did something that prevented me from having a root canal (he used some special healing solution on the tooth) and was just so gentle and calming. No gas was needed!

Lily, the hygienist, did not give me a lecture on how or how not to brush and how often to floss. She simply said everything was fixable and put me on a dental program. 

Now I still don't love going to the dentist, but I really don't mind. I even went off-insurance to visit Dr. Ines and for a Beverly Hills location dentist he really is quite quite reasonable. 

Truly a must!!!!!

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